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Cyprus: The Ideal European Business Hub

The Summit, set in Nicosia, Cyprus, aims to bring together institutional investors and their representatives from around the world. Its purpose is to showcase Cyprus’ dynamic and competitive economy, highlighting its advantages, including its legal system and culture, competitive taxation policies, and language competencies. The summit will strategically position Cyprus as the premier gateway to Europe, emphasizing its offerings in business relocation, research and development, living and working conditions, technology, tax incentives, education, and investment opportunities. Additionally, the summit will feature compelling case studies of companies that have established their headquarters or relocated offices to the island, shedding light on their growth and the advantages they have experienced.

31 May 2024
International Delegates

The Summit will be attended by 200 delegates from GCC Countries, South Asia, The Americas, and other non-EU countries interested in Cyprus as a centre for their businesses:

  • Direct Investors

  • Institutional Investors

  • Private Equity Firms

  • Wealth Management Firms

  • Family Offices

  • Fund Managers, Asset Managers, Fund Administrators

  • Sovereign Wealth Funds

  • Investment Banks, and other Financial Institutions

  • Law Firms

  • Accounting Firms

  • Corporate Service Providers

  • Tax Specialists

  • International Media


BANNER 1000X792.png

Established in 2008, Astrobank operates a network of 15 branches and business units across Cyprus, offering innovative and technologically advanced products and services tailored to the needs of its local and international clientele.

AstroBank’s operations are based on four pillars: Retail, Corporate/SME, Private Banking & Wealth Management, and International Business Banking (IBU).

A leader in backing clean energy projects, AstroBank today is helping the island achieve its green transition by funding large clean energy projects and sustainable enterprise.

Since its establishment, the bank has been working on boosting competitiveness and contributing to the country’s business environment.

Clients can always rely on its team of highly qualified experts to deliver customised solutions and guidance. Private banking advisers guide clients on how to build their core portfolio with equity, bonds and funds or more sophisticated products, always providing alternative investment proposals to diversify and protect. At the same time, recognising the diverse needs of its international clientele, AstroBank’s IBU has designed a suite of products and services to meet their requirements.

Invest Cyprus (Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency) is the investment authority of the Government of Cyprus dedicated to attracting and facilitating foreign direct investment. In close collaboration with all governmental departments, agencies and public institutions, as well as with the private sector, Invest Cyprus provides leadership in developing Cyprus as a top choice for foreign investment and as a headquartering hub. Invest Cyprus’ mandate is to communicate the importance and attractiveness of Cyprus as a rewarding target for FDI from across the globe, facilitating  all aspects of operating a business in Cyprus and providing potential investors with the information and means required for developing their business case for investment here.

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